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IndyLUG’s public assist mosaic build progressing over a day

ICAN Show – Sat., Sep. 9, 2023
ICAN Show – Sat., Sep. 9, 2023

IndyLUG will be putting on a show to help raise funds for the Indiana Canine Assistance Network (ICAN.) The show will be at the Faith United Methodist Church from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday, September 9, 2023. The address is 9031 E 16th St, Indianapolis, IN 46229. The suggested donation is $2 per […]

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About IndyLUG

The Indiana LEGO Users Group (IndyLUG) is an adult LEGO builders group based in Indiana, founded in June 2001. We hold monthly meetings, typically in the central Indiana region. We are always eager to display our creations and be involved in LEGO based activities!  Some of the events that IndyLUG has planned in 2023 are:

March 18 & 19 – Brickworld Indy-Indiana State Fairgrounds
April 29 – Food Drive show in Columbus
June 17 & 18 – Brickworld Chicago-Renaissance Convention Center in Schaumburg, IL
August – Food Drive show in Franklin
September 9 – ICAN (Indiana Canine Assistance Network) Fundraiser
October 14 & 15 – Brickworld Fort Wayne-Memorial Coliseum

Based on your interest, please use the Contact Us form to contact IndyLUG:

Request more information about our club
Interested in having us display our Lego creations at your event?
You are an Adult Fan of Lego and wish to join IndyLUG!

If you would like IndyLUG to display at your event, you need to propose your idea to us at least 3 months beforehand.  IndyLUG cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all requests for event participation.

Please note that membership to our club is restricted to individuals age 18 or older.  If you are under eighteen or a parent of a child that loves LEGO as much as we do, please contact your local school and/or library for opportunities with LEGO in your community.  Please check our Events list as well.  It will contain a variety of LEGO related activities for fans of all ages.

Play Well!

Want to Become a Member?

All Adult Fans of Lego are welcome to join IndyLUG! Associate membership is granted upon request at your first club meeting. We are a social club where joining is free and we do not charge any dues to our members. We look forward to meeting you at a future club meeting or event! Please provide the following information via the Contact Us form in order for a new Forum User ID to be created for you.

  1. Your First and Last Name
  2. Preferred User ID on Forum (optional)
  3. E-mail Address

You will be granted forum access after attending a monthly meeting. You are encouraged to ask questions and get to know more about the club and our members on the forum.

Please note that membership to our club is restricted to individuals age 18 or older.