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  • February 2022 club meeting

    The February 2023 club meeting will be on Sunday, February 12 at the Delaware Township Government Center in Fishers. Come as early as 2:00 with the official meeting starting at 4:00.

  • January 2023 Club Meeting

    January 2023 Club Meeting

    The January 2023 meeting will be on Sunday, Jan. 8 at the Grace United Methodist Church in Franklin. The address is 1300 E Adams Dr, Franklin, IN 46131. We will be doing a parts draft this meeting, so come as early as noon to start sorting. The official part of the meeting will start at […]

  • Elsa mosaic

    Elsa mosaic

    Thank you to everyone who helped create the Elsa mosaic at Brickworld Indy! This mosaic was made from 192 separate plates that each had 48 bricks on it.

  • Brickworld Fort Wayne 2021

    I will be taking part in Brickworld Fort Wayne and have already signed up for a three table Medieval Layout.  I wanted to reach out to know if anyone is interested in doing a Castle/Fantasy collaboration.  I will edit to expand the layout if anyone is interested.

  • R104 Switches from BrickTracks in Illinois

    Hello all ‘Train Heads’ I just received brand new R104 switches, that I will have on my display during Brickworld Indy. I will have trains running through these switches, so that you can see their performance(no derailing) and how they are assembled and controlled. The switching has been cleverly designed that a ‘rotating element’ is […]

  • Lego to sell

    An acquaintance of mine named Bill Sullivan contacted me because his son has a large lot of LEGO to sell to fund his Eagle Scout project.  He would prefer to sell it in a single lot to one buyer, but I’m not sure that would be feasible.  I will recommend that he brings it to […]

  • IndyLUG Road Standard

    IndyLUG Road Standard

    Being in a user group isn’t just about being a better builder. It is also about collaborating. In an effort to increase our club collaboration, we are introducing a road standard we will use in our cities. Based on the design by MichLUG, we will also be compatible with other clubs. We are excited to […]

  • Suggestions for Lego video

    I’m taking all the pics I took this year and making a movie/video.  Almost finished but I need ideas for music…. what kind of music do you hear in the background when doing your Lego’s?  I need about 5-6 songs because the video is looking to last at least 30 min.  I’ll be bringing a […]

  • Looking for # 6081 in Tan

      Club Members, I’m looking for more of this part, I use often in my creations. Will purchase any quantity found, thanks.{%22color%22:%222%22,%22iconly%22:0}  

  • 2018 is the 60th Anniversary of the Lego Brick!

    2018 is the 60th Anniversary of the Lego Brick!

    2018 is the 60th Anniversary of the Lego brick. What a great milestone for all fans of Lego!