December Club Meeting

The December 2020 IndyLUG meeting will be on Sunday, Dec. 13. at the Grace United Methodist Church in Franklin.  The address for the church is 1300 E Adams Dr, Franklin, IN 4613.  Come as early as 2:00 pm with the official meeting starting at 4:00.

Gift exchange will start at 3:30. Sealed LEGO set or LEGO creation with a value of $30 at the most. Most people spend $20. Has to be LEGO. No knock-offs.

If you bring food and drinks please bring utensils to serve the food with. We don’t have access to the kitchen so we need to bring everything we need with us.

We will need to clean up and wipe down everything before we leave.

August 2020 IndyLUG Meeting

The August 2020 IndyLUG meeting will be on Aug. 9th at the Delaware Township Center in Fishers (9090 E 131st St, Fishers, IN 46038.)  Arrive as early as 3:00 with the official meeting starting at 4:00.  The meeting will be on the stone patio area, so please bring a chair.  Please be aware that the kitchen area of the building will not be available to us.

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