April Meeting notes

April 11th meeting minutes

Old business:

Brickwork Indy- no real updates. Brain will be working on getting any updates on slack along with updates on the sign ups. There are not wanting hands on items at this time. There are new mosaic items in. Gregory will post on slack, but there will be a table at Brickworld Indy and here will be sign up sheets as a way to help bring in some income for the club. Further information will be pass along as it become available.
Treasure report has 234.10 in account. 3/5 of people have paid for lug bulk. Payments are due now. Please get with Nathan for payment. There will only be 21 days to pay when the invoice comes in.

I-Can show. September 18th the show will run 11-5 with set up that morning. Sign up sheets are being worked on and will be posted on the forum.
Food Drive- no updates on this. Glenn is working on it
Backyard bash is scheduled for 01/30/2022.
Glenn reports that there is no additional info on VIP AFOL. An email will go out and you will be asked to put in your member number. Please update your information on the member list ASAP.
Peter reports that they have secured up north for Lego meetings for even months starting in June and not for October. Our October meeting will take place at Brickworld Indy.

New Business:

Glenn reported that 80 sets were dropped off to Riley Hospital. They were extremely grateful.
Glenn brought an idea of having an extra LuG bulk fundraiser with a brick auction. Any extra brick that a member wants to donate to the auction please get to Glenn by June. Glenn made a motion and Josh seconded the motion. Glenn will get a list of the items together and but sets together to be auctioned. This is slated for June. Brian will work with Glenn on setting up the auction.
Pop Con was discussed. Doug stated that he will be working on putting something on slack for anyone who is interested. All the tables are provided. It is a Super hero theme. Nick volunteered his superman for the event.

Glenn has one magnet left for badges, get with him if needed.
Glenn stated that at Brickworld Indy the collaboration will be on dislplay.

Josh made a motion to adjourn the meeting
Todd Cowen 2nd the meeting
The meeting ended at 4:30.

Next meeting is Sunday May 2 at church in Franklin. Meeting is a week early due to Mother’s Day.

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