January 2019 Meeting Minutes

See notes from the meeting below. Once again, the website isn’t letting me post them as an attachment.  They’re written in shorthand/quickly, so if something is unclear, please ask.

IndyLUG January 13,2019

Attendance Sheet in notebook

Called to Order: 4:02pm

Treasurer Report 1958 in account, still paying some for lugbulk

Bryan needs reimbursement. Details on forum.

Report of Dec. Minutes approved

Rod RE Greencastle show: 1/27 Brickmania Birthday Bash. Take postcards to share. Food fundraiser for Putnam Co. emergency food pantry. IndyLUG website for details, some more room (round tables for display) if interested contact Rod. Set up at 8am begins.

BWI updates. Layout changed based on feedback. Josh Coffman (brother of Daniel Coffman make a wish) displaying, some new GBC displayers. MichLUG invited back. Kathy bring parking passes at next meeting. Posting on Slack for badges. Saturday night IndyLUG mtg. Chocolate people will be back. Thursday morning set up will start. Ticket sales are moving. Techpoint Foundation doing promotion for it. Boy Scouts discount code. State Championship of VEX robotics is Saturday before BWI. They asked if we could do a build there. Maybe we do a Lego master build of a Minecraft creeper. 2-3 people to help, 10 – 2 March 9. AMANDA WILL PUT SIGN UP SHEETS FOR INDYLUG MOSAIC ON FORUM.

BWChicago IndyLUG awards recap from forum. 4 awards, easier to handle. Simple, concise. The key is recognizing people’s work. Looking for underappreciated/unnoticed cool stuff. Ideas can be posted on forum. Should we do awards for BWI? Bring ideas of the awards to the next meeting.

Food Drive Show Any new places we could do one? Johnson Co Fairgrounds. Free and open, pick dates. Nothing down here, so fair people could do advertising. We just have to provide cert of insurance for day or show. 8880 sq ft. We can section it off. 100 8ft tables, kitchen usable. No stanchions. Can sell food, have vendors, maybe a boy scout troop. Marketing on 31, website, facebook, extension offices of 7 counties, etc. Wants it to happen. Lego is biggest category in 4-H in Johnson Co. May 4th 2019 possible date.

LUGBulk in 2019 coral color. Glen drops knowledge. Name email and age. It will be on the forum. One week to respond. If in last year, you HAVE to tell Glen if you want out. New members NEED to tell Glen ASAP!!! Anything under 5% shortages not replaced. Anything over 5% will be replaced. This year, you need 500 of a part for club minimum, even if it is your one nominated part. We have to do this FAST. Jan 31 deadline to register, March 15 orders must be in. 12% shipping in euros, have to pay in euros. Element list out Feb 1st week. No price changes. Late April for invoice, have 20 days to pay. Roughly around $315 or so. Dec 15th delivery at the latest.

LAN Update Lego Masters coming to US tv show. Support in February, July/August second delivery. Glen showing off his Lego Xmas gift. Elements being talked about, the list, etc. No more freebies like loose brick. Lego bundles from here on out. Glen to investigate if we can get a set at 50% discount.

Old Business: None

New Business: Officer elections. David Gregory, Glen Kirk, Nathan Theising, Corey Howard. Pres, VP, Treasurer, Secretary respectively. Bryan Bonahoom moves accept slate of unopposed. Motion passes. Josh Lemieux nominated for Secretary. Corey elected 9-7.

Stay incorporated?  Yes based on advice counsel (Miriam)

Motion to close 5:40. Closed.

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