Suggestions for Lego video

I’m taking all the pics I took this year and making a movie/video.  Almost finished but I need ideas for music…. what kind of music do you hear in the background when doing your Lego’s?  I need about 5-6 songs because the video is looking to last at least 30 min.  I’ll be bringing a rough copy of it to see on my laptop before the mtg. in April if I can get it finished.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, I’m at a lost for that part.  Thanks in advance.

Updated: March 26, 2018 — 11:06 pm


  1. Go with classic rock. With the wide age range in the club I think it would have the most appeal. Just my opinion though.


    1. Thanks Jeff, any suggestions for songs? I’ll research the classic rock and see what fits but any leads would be welcomed!

      1. Did someone change the forum settings so names stopped appearing at the top
        of these messages? If so, why?

        Thanks, Bryan

        1. David Bowie, Queen, Kiss, ZZ Top…things like that.


          1. Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick ha ha scott

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