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An acquaintance of mine named Bill Sullivan contacted me because his son has a large lot of LEGO to sell to fund his Eagle Scout project.  He would prefer to sell it in a single lot to one buyer, but I’m not sure that would be feasible.  I will recommend that he brings it to the January meeting, perhaps parting it out into bags with prices on them.  I wanted everyone to know so they can be prepared if they are interested.  I am attaching pictures he sent.79029659_1007669562944312_6372157091167076352_n 79136846_1423650251134550_4856071199463047168_n 79219442_605382903600609_7898185029002461184_n 79237232_610525909686620_7884206117339791360_n 79282629_513631589240030_6294946292288192512_n 79323301_1212974438900212_4310364530417860608_n 79443206_2483455925305846_1266507962063519744_n 79852681_767983710384474_144521474802188288_n 79856151_533035383949359_8790589957921046528_n 80008570_2911798768853747_2621919290432946176_n 80300909_439596453632727_4544600871236796416_n 80378572_2418729551675349_7249884360193605632_n 80382666_1259994807521645_8014848478339399680_n 80389850_488612951758051_680701867730141184_n

Updated: January 1, 2020 — 8:26 PM

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  1. I’d be interested in seeing it for purchase as a lot

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