R104 Switches from BrickTracks in Illinois

Hello all ‘Train Heads’ I just received brand new R104 switches, that I will have on my display during Brickworld Indy. I will have trains running through these switches, so that you can see their performance(no derailing) and how they are assembled and controlled. The switching has been cleverly designed that a ‘rotating element’ is designed to control better moving the switch  tracks than LEGO mechanisms, which are linear and usually stiff to operate.

I will have a right & left switch for all to see. I’ll have business cards with me from Scott of BrickTracks(don’t know if he will attend) to give out.

Updated: March 9, 2020 — 1:23 PM

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  1. Stephen Wilson made that post if you are wondering….

    I need to update the site to include the author in the emails :-)


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